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Our Veterans Stories

Understanding Senior Veterans Benefits

At River Terrace, we have the opportunity to talk to many men and women who have serviced our country in the Armed Forces. It is a great opportunity for us to express our gratitude for their service as well as be enthralled by the stories that they are willing to share of their experiences. For those of us who are of a younger generation, it is a first person view of a time most of us only read about in History books.

History takes on a whole different perspective when seen through the eyes of these veterans. Usually in our conversations with these veterans, the direction often turns to a discussion of Veteran’s benefits. We am amazed though at how little most of our veterans know about the various benefits available to them. It appears that these benefits which are there to help and honor our war veterans are too often overlooked or unknown.

A recent website we came across is extremely helpful when a veteran is questioning about their benefits. It answers common questions and has a forum for specific questions as well. If you are a veteran or a spouse, family member or friend of a veteran, click here to read frequently asked questions by veterans answered by a Veterans benefits expert.. Click here to read a helpful article.  And, remember to share your stories!