My Most Embarrassing Moment

My most embarrassing moment…..well one of them!

"Bill and I had decided to move into his parents’ home in Villa North.  So that meant selling our home on E. Arnold St.  One Fridayafternoon, right after I had showered and dressed, but still upstairs, the front doorbell rang.  I hurried downstairs and it was the real estate agent and a prospective buyer to see the house.  Of course they want to see the upstairs as well, and there, in all its glory, spread all over the bedroom floor are my socks, underpants, and bra! Oh Me!  Let’s just say it gave the house that “lived in look!”  I don’t recall if they ended up being the buyer or not!"

Dotty has been an Independent Living resident at River Terrace for almost 8 years.  Dotty has a wonderful sense of humor as you can see by sharing her funny story.  Dotty is always sharing a joke with the other residents and staff. 

Dotty grew up in LaGrange and attended Purdue for 2 years.  Dotty married Bill in 1943 and had 4 wonderful children.  Three sons and a daughter. Dotty was very active as a volunteer in Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts.  Dotty was also active in the PTA serving as President, Council President and Carnival Chair.  She also volunteered with the Red Cross, Historical Society, Ladies Tennis League (champion) and an active member of the Presbyterian Church.  Dotty was the President of the Women’s Association, President of the Foltz Reading Club, Trustee for the Presbyterian Church and Deacon.  North East Indiana Volunteer of the Year. Wells County Volunteer of the year.  Started a Senior Citizen luncheon and social at the Presbyterian Church.   Dotty was on the Ladies Golf league, President and active member of Parlor City Country Club, board member during construction of the clubhouse.  She was President of a couples bowling league and loves to play bridge!  Dotty was and is a very active social person.  We really enjoy having Dotty as part of our River Terrace Family.  It truly wouldn’t be the same without her!