Music Is An Important Part of Life

While reminiscing in our comfortable second floor apartment in Independent Living, I remember the times that my mother would insist that I practice my piano lesson. Many years later I am thankful that she did, since NOW I can play for the enjoyment of residents here at River Terrace. 

Just today in the Health Care Unit there were eight wheelchairs plus others sitting on the sofa and chairs - all gathered to listen and sing. Some with tears as they remembered the words to the hymns, though they were not able to actually produce the sound. When opportunity is given to request a favorite song, we hear "I'II Be A Sunbeam", "In the Garden", or "In My Heart There Rings a Melody" (written by Elton M. Roth, a distant cousin). Tomorrow morning many will gather in Assisted Living for songs and Bible Study, each Sunday morning we have Chapel service including singing. 

As a young "tomboy" I wanted to play ball rather than be perched on the piano bench practicing. In high school, symphonic and marching band bring special memories and college years included traveling with a ladies trio and a-cappella choir, also early mornings radio ensemble. 

Today I am so grateful that music is a significant part of retirement and God has opened the door to share it with my neighbors at River Terrace Retirement Community

Joyce S.

River Terrace Resident since 2006