Meant to Be Activities

April Kamdar
River Terrace Activities Director 

"Deb Brunner and I have known each other for years and one day I saw her at Walmart.  While chit chatting like most girls do I told her I was going to start working as a CNA again.  She told me she was hiring some people for PRN. I asked her where River Terrace was because I had never heard of it. She told me it was in Bluffton. I did not have a car at the time so she said she would bring the application to my house. Which she did the next day. I filled out the application but never turned it in. A few months went by and I decided to call Deb to see if she was still hiring. She said YES! I then drove to Bluffton to fill out my application. I talked to Deb and she hired me for a PRN position.  I was scheduled to start on May 12th however I went to start my car and it didn’t start. I called Deb and told her about my problem. She said that I could just start the next day. So I guess you could say I called in on my first day.

I worked as a PRN CNA for about a month then Deb told me she had a 2nd shift position open. I accepted the position however, I wanted to work first shift which Deb knew. It only took 2 weeks for a 1st shift position to open up and I jumped on it right away. I worked as a CNA for about 6 months until one day Linda (our SS Director at the time) asked me if I could fill in for the activity assistant while she was on maternity leave. I have always wanted to do activities so I definitely wanted to do it. After a few months the activity assistant called and said she was not going to be coming back to RT. I thought this is my time to get into activities full time so Linda and I talked and I got the job. After a few months Linda asked me if I would like to get my activity directors license. I accepted and started studying. It took a few months, but I finished. I then worked as an assistant for a few years until I decide to move out of town. I talked to my boss which was now Mark and told him I was no longer going to work at RT and put in my 2 weeks. I did stay on PRN as a CNA however. I worked here and there for a few months.

Then one day, I received a call from Mark. He had heard I moved back to town. He told me there was a position open in activities in Assisted Living. It didn’t take me long to decide that I wanted the job because I have always loved River Terrace. I worked in the Assisted Liiving department for about a year when my boss at the time decided to leave River Terrace. Up until that time, I had always wanted to become a director however, I didn’t have the confidence and did not apply for the job. The administer hired a young lady who only stayed for 2 months. After thinking about the position for days I decided to get enough courage to ask the administer what the job would entitle. I thought to myself that I know I have what it takes to do the job. The following Monday I talked to the administer and told her I would like to apply for the job. After many interviews I GOT THE JOB! Fast forward two and a half years later, I am still at River Terrace as the Activity Director and could never see myself anywhere else." 

 Editor's Picture Note: April shows her creativity with crazy hat day!  Shes always going above and beyond to make the Residents happy!