February Employee of the Month

I would like to nominate Becky Jackson for the employee of the month. Becky has worked at River Terrace since 2014. Becky's official title is activity assistant but I would call her a God send. I truly believe God has created Becky to work with the elderly. Since the day she started she has brighten not only the resident's day but the staff and family members as well. She shows so much compassion and joy to everyone who walks in the doors. She knows every residents personalities and speaks to them in a way I have never seen. She shows affection to those who are in need of a friend. Many times I will see Becky stop what she is doing just to sit with a resident who may be having a bad day and lift their spirits and make them happy again. I have never met someone with such a huge heart until I met Becky. It's really like she puts herself in the resident's shoes and treats them with so much respect. I can honestly say people come up to me daily to tell me what a great job Becky does. She has been recognized a numerous about of times on the Pinnacle surveys. One resident stated "Becky is so good with activities. She is really nurturing to the residents." 

Becky is very proud of her catholic faith. She organizes time each month for the Father from the local church to visit with our residents and to provide communion. She also schedules a Catholic mass once a month. Not long ago Becky took a week of vacation. During that week I saw her at River Terrace making sure each resident who attended the Catholic Church made it to mass. That being said it is clearly easy to see she always goes above and beyond for our residents. 

I decided to walk around River Terrace and ask staff how they would describe Becky. Here are a few replies. "Becky is so amazing and caring. She has so much love for each resident." " Becky is very energetic. She is always coming up with new trivia games with the residents and I hear a lot of positive feedback." "Becky is so much fun. You can tell she loves what she does." "Becky is the most kind hearted, patient individual. She is never in a hurry and will always take the time to speak with people and she is very devoted to activities." 

Not only does Becky do a phenomenal job interacting with the residents. She is also very reliable and I know I can always depend on her. I recently took a vacation and had no doubt in my mind that the activity department would run smoothly the whole time I was gone. When I returned from my vacation River Terrace had a new admission. Part of my job is to greet the new resident, provide a monthly calendar, and inform them about the activities we offer at River Terrace followed by a progress note about the visit. I had mentioned to Becky that I needed to welcome the new resident. Low and behold Becky had already met with the resident and wrote the progress note to ensure it would get done in a timely manner. I was shocked! I remember mentioning that I had to meet with all the new residents and write a progress note to Becky many months prior. I could not believe she remembered. Not a day goes by that I am so truly thankful and bless to work with such a wonderful woman. River Terrace is 100% a better place because of Becky. That is why she deserves this award more than anyone else I know.