Dave McMahan's Story

Dave McMahan
River Terrace Administrator

My career in medicine started with a job in the Emergency Room at Parkview Hospital.  This was my introduction to medicine. To say the least I found it to be an amazing experience. I had worked at International Harvester building trucks before working at Parkview. It was quite a transition. While working as an EMT/Ambulance driver in the E.R. I had the opportunity to witness a surgical procedure. I was instantly sold on working in the Operating Room.

One year later, I graduated from the Lutheran College of Health Professionals (now University of St. Francis) as a Surgical Technologist (ST). I worked as a Surg. Tech for 7 years and attended nursing school also at Lutheran College. As a Surgical Tech, I participated in many different surgical procedures. Most of my assignments were related to neurosurgery; however, I was also assigned to open heart surgery, hip/knee replacements and a whole host of other surgical interventions. Then, I was promoted to the Equipment Coordinator position in the O.R.  I was responsible for managing the needs of the anesthesiologists, operating laser systems, performing daily tasks associated with a blood gas analyzer, purchasing surgical equipment/instrumentation and a whole lot of other duties.

Eventually I was promoted from the clinical setting to the business setting. I was assigned to the Senior Buyer position in Materials Management where I was responsible for capital purchasing, service contracts, equipment rental contracts, signage, purchasing for the maintenance department, property management, asset management, etc. About 6 years later, I went to work at the University of St. Francis as the Director of Admissions. This was my first management opportunity. Though working at the university was interesting I missed healthcare. For more than a year I discussed becoming an administrator in the nursing home setting with a neighbor who was in the business.

After completing all the necessary steps, I went to work in a nursing home in Ft. Wayne. About 5 years later, I transferred to a larger nursing home in Ossian. It was at that time, I became familiar with River Terrace. I left the nursing home business for about a year and half and returned to hospital-based employment. I am probably one of the few people in this area who has worked at both the Lutheran Hospital and Parkview Regional Medical Center when they were brand new. But, I missed long term care. So, I returned to long term care as an administrator in assisted living. For the next three years, I worked for two different assisted living organizations, Assisted Living Concepts and Bickford Cottages. From there I was given the chance to come to River Terrace. I feel very fortunate to work in long term care. It has it challenges. I work with amazing people caring for amazing people and all are very special individuals.