Bill and the Ferns

Bill and Doris young have been married for 66 years.  They have one son and one daughter.  Bill is originally from Fort Wayne Indiana and worked for American Electric Power for 45 years.  Bill and Doris came to River Terrace 3 years ago. Years ago Bill had the responsibility of making the decision for placement for his  Mother, Mother in law, and Brother.  Bill struggled with making these decisions for them and it really was a stress and a burden to do so.  This is when Bill and Doris decided that they would make their decision together early on.  Bill and Doris chose River Terrace because it offered all levels of care.  Bill states it's not if you need it it's when.  So they chose a community with everything under one roof, a full continuum of care. In their spare time Bill and Doris loved to travel and camp.  They enjoyed doing craft shows where they sold printed T-shirts and sweat shirts.  In the 3 years that Bill has lived here at River Terrace he has enjoyed taking care of the numerous potted plants around the beautiful campus.  Bill takes care of the Ferns every year and does an amazing job as you can see!

The photos are of Bill Young  Each year he cares for our plants and ferns on the grounds of River Terrace.  This is a before and after picture of Bill with the ferns.  Its amazing each year how well he cares for them and how huge they get!  They are always the talk of River Terrace and our guests.