A Retirement Story

Jean Kober of Bluffton writes: "When I retired in the fall of '88, after spending the last 20 years as a school nurse; I wondered just how I would fill the ‘extra' 40 hours a week I would now have.

"Surely there would be plenty of time to clean all the closets, drawers and cupboards that I had been saving for just this purpose. Maybe I could make my clothes, since I do enjoy sewing. Or, perhaps, I could take some classes at IU in Fort Wayne? People who are 'retired' must have lots of leisure time on their hands.

"Soon my days started to fill with extra cook­ing and baking for the grandkids, reading all those wonderful novels I had put off for so long and enjoying spur-of-the-moment trips with my husband.

"I thought I might enjoy doing volunteer work and immediately became more involved with several church projects. I also joined the Caylor­-Nickel volunteer escort program, where I greet and assist patients being admitted to the hospital...so much for sleeping late, as this two­-day-a-week commitment begins at 6:30 a.m.!

"The end result of retirement is 40 spare hours per week. However, I'm now much too busy to get to all those closets, drawers and cupboards. I had to hire a cleaning lady. Retirement, busier than even and love it!”